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Do gyms know how to run Gym Challenges ?

So I have been a member now of TruGym in Chatham for approaching a year. And to be honest its not that great. There is some good equipment in there and if you know how to train its great value for money, but the gym itself - na not really . I say this as if you follow the trends that are happening in Gyms and the way the culture of fitness is changing, I cant really see anything in this in this gym that is adapting to the times . Id say it was boring, unadventurous, mundane and show no real knowledge in looking towards creating member participation. I’ve been there near on a year and they don’t know my name when I walk through the door , they have never shown an interest in what I am doing, how I am training, what I have achieved. It really is a mundane gym with little or no charisma to it. So lets see what happens between now and next year , will there be any changes and I suspect not really . Lets see what happens by this time next year.

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Read the latest blog from Gym Sport creator Sean Blyth about why now is the right time to run a gym sport program at your gym.

LIW 2016

September 21, 2016
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WGC visits Leisure Industry week

LIW 2016

August 17, 2016
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looks like there will be some sort of CrossFit exhibition there .

WGC was keen to supply data results for any challenges going on that day - but not this year .

Would be nice to see from somebody who doesn’t go what the results were and what sort of level of fitness is needed to compete. But not from WGC this year .

Will be going as a visitor and will see where the results gets published when we get there.

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National Fitness Day 2016

World Gym Challenge is the only website running the National Fitness Day Gym Challenge.

This challenge allows you for one day of the year to compare your gym fitness against some of the fittest people in gyms today.

If you belong to a gym, its totally free to try it  - all you will need is access to a

Medicine Ball

If you gym has this, then its possible to run the challenge for you members and publish results online for free

All you need to do is contact for details

Remember - this is a free challenge held once a year just to see how gym fit you are .. its fun, doable and totally free to compete

You have just 22 days left to register your gym … Can you get under 10 minutes?

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Treadmills are not made for running !

When you look at at a treadmill in the gym you probably see machinery. And it is just that a machine.

Machines need to have commands to control them and then they will respond. As you enter these commands into the machine so does your brain equally anticipate  the responding output required to meet the stresses placed upon the body and makes hundreds of thousands of calculations in anticipation of the forthcoming stress.

For instance increasing the speed will make your heart beat faster as opposed to just say walking. Now increase speed the and increase the incline. Your heart rate will increase even more and your brain will engage the calculation of what output it is going through and by second nature you will increase to a small jog.

As that speed increases your brain is constantly reading the panel in terms of a safe speed which you now you can hold for a set distance. Run too fast and you will slow down eventually as you know you not maintain that speed consistently. Especially if you don’t know the distance you have to complete.

But if you know the distance you will running its very hard for you to engage the correct demands and what stresses and calculations the brain will need to complete the distance before fatigue and VO2 limitation prevent you from taking another step.

Being able to read the calculation correctly in your head will enable you too perform better.

That is why WGC believe in running no more than 400 m at 10% incline (Intermediate) and 600 m 10 % Incline Advanced.

This is no different then 2000 m set distance for say rowing. Or the 400 m running track

10 % incline running set at 400 m and 600 m is a set distance that to perform to maximum output will take years of training to perfect.

That is not to say they are the only distance to run on a treadmill, but they are the most common targets to achieve in Gym Based Circuits.

The set distances can be trained for at any level and will give you  more focus and determination

All you have to do is increase your speed to a level that you can complete either 400 m or 600 m at 10 % incline during a set circuit, its not running - its heart rate control.

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September Gym Challenge

It was hoped that on the 17th September 2016 at Dockside Shopping Centre in Chatham World Gym Challenge would be allowed to display Gym X Training to members of the public by holding a Gym Sport Day at this popular shopping centre in the historic naval dockside Shopping Centre.

The idea to run a charitable sports day received favorable comments from the Shopping Centre  Management  and it was then suggested to the management of TruGym Chatham for them to supply the equipment and staff to help run the day .

Also it was suggested to prepare for this day by running a number of challenges in the gym, which could be run specifically for Chatham only members, or all TruGym members to compete.

It is with great disappointment that WGC confirms that we were unable to convince the Directors of TruGym to support this venture at this time.

The area remains a prime location to exhibit Gym Sport to members of the public and further advances to possible other surrounding gyms will be made in the near future .

Keep posted … !

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It’s important as the growth of Gym Sports develops, that the unique selling point of WGC is not not lost from its origin of conception. So this blog acts as a documented profile of what the concept was from its development in 2006.

What is World Gym Challenge ?

World Gym Challenge is a single gym challenge that will categorise anybody that goes into a gym into a level of fitness and from that they can determine who they can race in a challenge created for their gym in what is known as Gym Sports.

It serves as a retention tool to keep members motivated and focus and give them a reason to train.

Communities and events will emerge by the sport involving everybody in the gym as a class system of Gym Athlete Fitness Levels does not exclude anybody





What is different between CrossFit and Gym Sports

AS the global growth of CrossFit develops its important to recognise the difference between the two. Primarily these can be put down to

CrossFit - The sport of Fitness

World Gym Challenge - The Sport for Gyms

Is there a likelihood of the two clashing in the same format?

Yes, this is entirely possible as CrossFit was developed to ‘Forge Elite Fitness’ and to be a ‘State of preparedness’ In those terms Gym Athletes and CrossFitters both reach their goals. Only The World Gym Challenge website (database) was developed to act as a daily record and publish live results  of what was achieved by individuals in the gym and benchmark their progress. Whereas I believe CrossFit had a culture of a Whiteboard where results were displayed.  WGC had a continued program of Personal Bests. This was designed from the offset and is within the system by entering results against the first time a challenge was completed - the difference being in

Blue - getting Faster

Red - getting slower

Black - remaining the same

How many gyms currently run a WGC program of Gym Sports ?

None. A few gyms run events here and there. But there is not a comprehensive package of Gym Sports in the Fitness Industry today and that has allowed CrossFit to flourish in their own right. The Fitness Industry has basically sat back and watched CrossFit grow and dominate the fitness aspect of community and bonding.

Why is there not a Gym Sport culture in the Fitness Industry?

This is probably going to seem like someone blaming everybody else for its lack of success to date. But there is sound foundation to its content. For roughly two years from 2006 - 2008 WGC was part of the Fitness Industry Association (now known as UK Active). It would be fair to say that  the period of being a member it was turbulent. I was threatened with legal action on one occasion and the Head of the FIA (David Stalker) in a heated debate once said that “Fitness is not a sport” . Also at that time , an effort was made to create a sport for gyms by asking Sport England to acknowledge Gym X Training as a sport, based on the infrastructure of members, equipment and venues of the growing fitness Industry, it was refused and indeed at that time Sport England only accepted the National Governing Body of Fitness as Exercise Movement and Dance (EMD)  which received Lottery Funding.

Part 2 will follow …

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Watch the video of Tracy Davies winning this years (2015) FitBrit Final

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Watch the interview and race between winner Charles Green and Doug Harrison

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